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Vera Baranova

Honored actress of Russia

Birthday – on April 7

She was born in Krasnoyarsk. Since 1993, at once upon graduation from the Krasnoyarsk state institute of arts, – the soloist of the opera of the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre.
In 20 years she performed more than 40 parts in the performances of world opera repertoire which are repeatedly celebrated by awards of the regional festival "Theatre Spring".
Regularly she sang in concerts of the Krasnoyarsk regional philharmonic hall accompanied by the Krasnoyarsk academic symphonic orchestra, the Krasnoyarsk philharmonic Russian orchestra, the National academic orchestra of national tools of Russia named after N. P. Osipov, the Krasnoyarsk chamber orchestra, etc.
She worked under the leadership of outstanding conductors of the present, such as the People's artist of Russia Evgeny Brazhnik, the People's artist of Russia Ivan Shpiller, the People's artist of Russia Nikolay Kalinin, the honored artist of Russia Andrey Anikhanov, Anatoly Bardin, Pyotr Gribanov, Vasily Petrenko, the honored worker of arts of Russia Ilmar Lapinsh (Latvia), Giovanni Froio (Italy), Roberto Dzhanola (Italy), Dejan Savich (Serbia), Victor Bokman (Switzerland), Huub Bartz (Netherlands), Paul Van Gulik (Netherlands), Lin Tao (China), Burinbekh Zhagvaral (Mongolia), Yirzhi Kratokvil (Czech Republic-USA), etc.
She sang on scenes of the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, France, Finland, the USA, Argentina, Mongolia, Serbia. Her execution of party of Violetta (J. Verdi's "Traviata") during tours of theatre on the cities of Great Britain was highly appreciated by English critics: "The singer acts at the highest professional level. She  has really big talent, skill and  fine voice". Also goes on tour on the cities of the Krasnoyarsk territory, Khakassia, the Kemerovo and Irkutsk areas, in Serbia much.
Successfully combines the performing activity with teaching at the Krasnoyarsk state academy of music and theatre. Among graduates – the winner All-Russian and the international competitions, the soloist of the Maryinsky Theatre Christina Aliyeva, the student of the international competition of Yuli Kiselyov, etc.
2009-12 – the artistic director of opera troupe of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre. Thanks to her initiative at theatre four international festivals "Parade of Stars in the Opera" with participation of eminent opera conductors – such as the People's artist of Russia Evgeny Brazhnik, Dayan Savich (Serbia), Ilmar Lapinsh (Latvia), Victor Bokman (Switzerland), Fabio Mastrandzhello (Italy), etc., and also the well-known opera singers, among which honored actresses of the USSR Irina Bogachyova, Elena Obraztsova, Makvala Kasrashvili, the People's artist of Russia Oleg Kulko, honored artists of Russia Roman Muravitsky, Evgeny Akimov, Mikhail Gubsky, Mikhail Urusov, winners of prestigious international competitions of vocalists Vasily Ladyuk, Roman Shulakov, Agunda Kulayeva, etc. took place.
Author and organizer of the Gold Voices of Siberia project. In her framework on scenes of small and organ halls of the Krasnoyarsk regional philharmonic hall in 2010 creative evenings of soloists of theatre took place: People's artists of Russia Vladimir Yefimov, Larisa Marzoyeva, honored actresses of Russia Natalia Sokolova, Vera Baranova, leading soloists of the opera Boris Sabirov, Andrey Silenko, Anastasia Lepeshinskaya, Svetlana Ratslaf-Levchuk, Anna Kiselyova.
She wrote two author's albums – "My angel" and "All about my love".

The performed parts:
Syuzanna – "Figaro's Wedding" of W. Mozart
The Cinderella, the Prickle – "Cinderella" A. Spadavekkia
Korolina – "Secret marriage" of D. Cimarosa
Emma – "Hovanshchina" M. Mussorgsky
Mazhenka – "The sold bride" of B. Smetana
The page the Oscar – "Masquerade" of J. Verdi
Violetta – J. Verdi's "Traviata"
Flora – "Carmina Burana" of K. Orff
Maria – "The daughter of a regiment" G. Donizetti
Marfa – "The imperial bride" of N. Rimsky-Korsakov
Alyonushka – "Ai da Balda" of B. Kravchenko
Rozina – "The Seville barber" J. Rossini
Musette – J. Puccini's "Bohemia"
Gilda – J. Verdi's "Rigoletto"
The Snow Maiden – N. Rimsky-Korsakov's "Snow Maiden"

Adin – "Love drink" of G. Donizetti
Rosalinda – I. Strauss's "Strauss-gala"
Nian Shura – "The hussar ballad" of T. Hrennikov
Volkhov – N. Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sadko"
Zemfira – S. Rachmaninov's "Alecko"
Gilda – J. Verdi's "Rigoletto"


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23 March


The certificate of honor of the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk P. I. Pimashkov "For honest work,  big contribution to development of musical art and in connection with the 25 anniversary from the date of opening of theatre" (2003);
"The best debut" of the regional festival "Theatre Spring" (Violetta in J. Verdi's "Traviata");
The certificate of honor of the governor of the  Krasnoyarsk territory A. G. Khloponin "For high creative achievements and  big contribution to development of opera art" (2003);
Medal of the governor of the Kemerovo region A. G. Tuleyev "For worthy education of children" (2004);
Medal of the governor of the Kemerovo region A. G. Tuleyev "For belief and good (2004);
Award of Kuzbass (2008);
Certificates of honor of the ministry of culture of the Krasnoyarsk territory "For honest work and high professionalism" (2008-09);
The certificate of honor of the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk P. I. Pimashkov "For a big creative contribution to cultural development and arts in the city of Krasnoyarsk" (2009);
Certificate of honor of the Union of theatre figures of the Russian Federation (2010);
"The best female role in the opera/operetta (musical)" the regional festival "Theatre Spring" (The Snow Maiden in the opera of the same name of N. Rimsky-Korsakov and Adin in the opera G. Donizetti "Love drink");
Honourable cultural worker of Kuzbass (2012);
Breastplate "Municipal coat of arms of Krasnoyarsk" for an outstanding contribution to  development of the city of Krasnoyarsk (2013);
Medal of honor of Kuzbass (2013).