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Denis Pogorely

Birthday – on November 22

In 2002 he graduated the Krasnoyarsk choreographic college. He was  the same year accepted in troupe of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre.
With ballet troupe of theater he participated in tours to Great Britain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mexico, Turkey.

The performed parts:
Chipollino – "Chipollino's Adventures" of K. Khachaturian
The clown – "The swan lake" of P. Tchaikovsky
The angry sorcerer — "Thousand and one night" F. Amirova
Plug-in pas - — A. Adan's "Giselle"
Two young men — H. Lyovenskold's "Sylph"
Benno – "The swan lake" of P. Tchaikovsky
The blackamoor, the Harlequin, the Fighter, the Russian dance, the Chinese dance – P. Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker"
Sancho Pans, the Irish jig — "Don Quixote" of L. Minkus
The gold god, the Soloist with a drum – "Bayadere" L. Minkusa
Puss in Boots – "The sleeping beauty" of P. Tchaikovsky
The friend Romeo — "Romeo and Juliette" S. Prokofieva
Shepherds, Mimes — A. Khachaturian's "Spartak"
Franz's friend, the Shoemaker — "Koppeliya, or the Girl with enamel eyes" L. Delibes
The clown – "The infanta and the Clown" on A. Schnittke's music
Satires — "Antigone" on M. Pekarsky's music
The officer — V. Gavrilin's "Anyuta"
The acrobat — "Red poppy" of R. Gliere
The hussar — "The hussar ballad" of T. Hrennikov
Nikez — "In marriage невтерпёж, or Vain precaution" P. Gertelya
The accordion player, Amethyst — "A stone flower" of S. Prokofiev
The clown — "Electra" on R. Strauss's music
The buffoon — ballet scenes from the opera "Sadko" of N. Rimsky-Korsakov
The equestrian — "Polovetsky dancings" from the opera "Prince Igor" of A. Borodin