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Daria Ryabinko performed in the world premiere of the opera Söyembikä

The soloist of the Krasnoyarsk Opera Daria Ryabinko took part in the world premiere of Rezeda Akhiyarova's opera Söyembikä. It took place at the end of September on the stage of the Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Mussa Jalil. Krasnoyarsk singer sang the part of Tsarin Anastasia, the first wife of Ivan the Terrible.

Söyembikä is an ambitious production by Saint-Petersburg director Yuri Alexandrov. It’s about the fate of the ruler of the Khanate of Kazan and her relations with Tsar Ivan the Terrible, about the historical development of the Russian state. The opera is performed in two languages ​​- Russian and Tatar, since the action takes place in Kazan, Moscow and Kasimov.

The story of the national symbol of Tatarstan was recounted by soloists from Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan, the Mariinsky Theater, the Novaya Opera and artists from other cities of Russia.

“Preparation for the play was going on for over a year; this is a completely new material. The cast of the soloists had to visit Kazan several times for classes with a conductor and for orchestral rehearsals,” - says Daria Ryabinko. - “I played the part of Tsarin Anastasia. Yuri Alexandrov has created a very strong image of a real Russian woman - it’s rich not only with beautiful vocal melody but also with deep drama. The performance turned out to be ambitious and bright. Judging by the reaction of the audience, it was clear that the story of the Tsarin of Kazan left a very strong impression. I am happy that I could participate in such a significant project and that I represented my home theatre in it”.