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And again on the stage of the opera the ballet theatre "La Sylphide"

One of the oldest romantic ballets – "La Sylphide" of Herman Levenskold which the Krasnoyarsk public didn't see more than 10 years comes back to the stage of opera and ballet theatre. Performances will take place on February 10, 11 and 12.

"La Sylphide""La Sylphide" is the story how in a pursuit of illusory happiness not to pass the real person capable to become the embodiment of your dreams … On a plot the Scottish young man James falls in love with the Spirit of Air embodied in image of a charming Sylphide. He aspires in any way to be near unearthly creation, refusing love of the simple country girl Effie. Having thrown with a magic scarf shoulders of the Sylphide, James deprives of her wings. The sylphide can't depart more from him, but also live as the terrestrial woman, she isn't able …

In the history of musical theatre the ballet "La Sylphide" holds a specific place – it has opened the new horizons before ballet art. In "La Sylphide" in far 1832 in Paris the ballerina has put on pointes and has for the first time got up on finger-tips – it was necessary for creation of the easiest and "air" image, the dance history on fingers has begun with it. From Paris where the ballet has sustained more than 150 representations, "La Sylphide" has flown to the best European theatres.

"Dance ideal", "kaleidoscope of tenderness, ease and grace", – the St. Petersburg critics when the ballet has appeared in Russia wrote. More than in 170 years of scenic life "La Sylphide" not only hasn't lost the charm, but also became a standard of graceful style, it is played on all world stages.

"This work – "firstborn" of romantic ballets who repeatedly, appeared disappeared from a domestic scene, and our theatre not an exception, – the artistic director of ballet troupe of the theatre Natalya Matus-Marchuk says. – For our troupe very well that "La Sylphide" comes back to the repertoire – stylistics and roots of the ballet are useful to our actors as Augustus Burnonvilya's choreography trains them in the movement, in images, poses. In the ballet there is a certain style which promotes self-organization of soloists. And it concerns everything – a ducking, each finger... It is a peculiar facet of the technology of execution. Of course, our soloists, performing parts, will introduce something special in every image, but, nevertheless, all canons of choreography of Burnonvil, will be kept".

On the stage of the Krasnoyarsk theatre the main parts in the ballet will be performed the honored actress of Russia Maria Kuimova Litvinenko, Olesya Aldonina, Anna Snegina, Anastasia Osokina, Nadezhda Panfilova, Mana Kuwabara, Kirill Litvinenko, Ivan Karnaukhov, Demid Zykov, Dzhotaro Kanazasi and other actors of ballet troupe.