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Artists of the Krasnoyarsk opera – in the project of Culture TV channel "Big ballet"!

The Russia TV channel gets to work of the new season of the Big Ballet project which became one of the main television events of 2012. From July 28 to August 6 will pass shootings of the program, the premiere will take place in the autumn of 2015.

Big Ballet "The big ballet" – the unique project of the Russia TV channel, competition, the first in the history of domestic television, in which the leading soloists of the largest musical theatres of Russia take part. The main aim – to acquaint the audience with art of the ballet, to remind public masterpieces of the Russian and world choreography, to acquaint with the modern ballet masters who are at the peak of glory and with those who else comes nearer to the dancing Olympus.

14 dancers from 6 musical theatres participate in the project. Darya Khokhlova and Igor Tsvirko (the Bolshoi theatre of Russia), Nadezhda Batoyeva and Ernest Latypov, Renata Shakirova and Kimin Kim (Korea) (the Maryinsky Theatre), Anastasia Soboleva and Victor Lebedev (the Mikhaylovsky theatre), Ekaterina Bulgutova and Yury Kudryavtsev (the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre), Inna Bilash and Nikita Chetverikov (The Perm academic opera and ballet theatre named after P. I. Tchaikovsky), Midori Terada (Japan) and Which Okava (Japan) (The Tatar academic state opera and ballet theatre named after M. Dzhalil). 

Form the repertoire of contestants and directly involved in their preparation for performances will be artistic directors of the ballet troupes of theatres :

Sergei Filin (the Bolshoi theatre of Russia);

Yury Fateev (the Maryinsky theatre);

Mikhail Messerer (the Mikhaylovsky theatre);

Vladimir Yakovlev (the Tatar academic state opera and ballet theatre namd afterM. Dzhalil);

Alexey Miroshnichenko (the Perm academic opera and ballet theatre named after P. I. Tchaikovsky);

Sergey Bobrov, artistic director of the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The curator of the project – Anna Abalikhina, the dancer and the choreographer who got the choreographic education at Moscow and Rotterdam dancing academy. In many respects she will define the concept of shootings and will help the viewer to understand language of modern dance. Known for the non-standard decisions, Abalikhina inspired founders of the Big Ballet project on the set of bright interesting innovations. Each of 7 couples participants of the project will have unusual choreographic numbers realized on the most unexpected and unusual platforms – "dance in space". Besides, connecting possibilities of modern television and dance, Abalikhina will create multimedia performances in which the invited dancers will take part.

The considerable part of the project is allocated for modern choreography: from Frederick Ashton, Kenneth Macmillan, Roland Petit to the masters entering the top list of choreographers of the XXI century – Wayne McGregor, Jean-Christophe Maillot, Angelin Preljoсaj, Edward Lyang, Alastair Marriott. Choreographers Ikhsan Rustem, Ivan Perez, Marko Gyoke, Václav Kunesh, Edward Klyug, Vyacheslav Samodurov, Yury Posokhov, Marina Kessler, Artem Ignatyev and Anastasia Kadrulyova, Anton Pimonov, Tatyana Baganova, Yury Smekalov, Vladimir Varnava, Benzhamen Milpye, Alexey Miroshnichenko, Sergey Bobrov, Dmitry Antipov also actively cooperate with the project.

The professional jury, as a part of which stars of the world ballet – the French ballet dancer, the choreographer and the teacher who throughout nearly 20 years was the Director of the ballet of the Parisian National Opera, "the Gentleman of the Honourable Legion", "The commodore of art and literature" Brigitte Lefevre will estimate performances of actors; choreographer, ballet theorist, professor of the Beijing academy of dance Xiao Cuhua; legend of the world ballet, choreographer, theatre director, the People's artist of the USSR and Russia Vladimir Vasilyev; prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia,the star of the ballet of the La Scala, honored actress of the Russian Federation Svetlana Zakharova; the premiere of the Maryinsky theatre, the choreographer, in the past the artistic director of the ballet of the Mikhaylovsky theatre in St. Petersburg, the People's artist of Russia Farukh Ruzimatov; prima ballerina of the Mikhaylovsky theatre and London Royal ballet Natalya Osipova and prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia Evgenia Obraztsova.

Hosts – Ilsee Liepa and Andreys Zhagars.

There will become unexpectedly bright the project final, which idea founders of the program still keep at the secret.