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Eight operas for hour and a half!

What can be the opera in the century of modern technologies? Whether it is possible to inhale new life in traditional opera theatre? To make the opera sharp and interesting to the young viewer?

"SLOVZOV-GALA"On September 26, 27 on the scene of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre courageous experiment which will return to the opera novelty and modern sounding – the concert of "SLOVZOV-GALA". The production director – the diploma holder of the II International competition of young opera directors  "NANO-OPERA" Sergey Novikov.

The new format of gala concert connects classic and the present, and the provocative invention of the director destroys the stereotype about opera concerts. "For the viewer it is opportunity to look at axiomatic operas and famous characters by new eyes. For example, the traditional image of the Countess from "Queen of spades" – the quarrelsome old woman. In the concert it is, first of all, the lonely woman who is living on reminiscence, from  hopelessness she plays with destiny "the Russian roulette", – Sergey Novikov tells. 

"SLOVZOV-GALA"The public is waited for the original  interpretations of classical images and unexpected turns of known plots: what will be result of duel of Onegin and Lensky? To what will lead opposition of  Hoze and Carmen? Besides there will be an opportunity to compare at once three Pushkin Tatyan, at the same time appearing on the  scene, and to glance behind the scenes of theatre, having become witnesses of the birth of the real performance in real time.

Also the design of the concert will be unusual, constructed on video effects and 3D thanks to what it will be more similar to theshow.

Invariable there will be one – fine music and brilliant performance of great arias by talented vocalists!

Renewed "Giselle"