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Genius and Villainy

On May 5 and 16 on a scene of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre one of the most discussed statements of this season – the opera "Amadeus" which surprised the audience with the eccentricity and the solution of the key moments of statement, unusual to classical theatre. In this performance traditions of Ancient Greek theatre, music, various on stylistics,  improbable play of light and geometry in the absence of scenery, silk, lace and modern jeans in suits connect.

"Amadeus"The opera "Amadeus" is an original view of a question, whether can the genius and villainy be together presented by the creative union of the production director Nadezhda Stolbova and musical director and conductor Dmitry Volosnikov ("the New Opera", Moscow).

At everyone, come to the opera, opportunity will be better to plunge into a performance as the audience together with an orchestra, chorus and soloists will settle down on a scene, and some actors will take places in the auditorium!

Cold this world will become light maintenance, it will create the monochrome picture, and won't distract from the events. Only in some scenes there will be color accents, emphasizing theatricality and tragic element of the events.

On May 15 in the opera "Amadeus" the debut will take place – Salieri's part will be performed by the young soloist of theater Vladimir Komovich. "My hero, first of all the living person, with the defects and passions as all of us, – the singer speaks. – Its tragedy that he is a genius, and it understands it. But trying to resemble someone from great, it can't open the gift". On May 16 Salieri's part will be performed by the soloist of the Moscow theatre "New Opera" Vitaly Efanov.