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“Il Trovatore” is back by popular demand!

On December 7, “Il Trovatore” is performed in our theatre again for those who wasn’t able to see the first performances. The show begins at 7 p.m.

The house was full at the opera’s première last weekend. Spectators were impressed by lavish sets and costumes, outstanding acting and voices of the singers.

A young team worked on the show: production director Mariya Tikhonova, theatre designer Irina Sid, lighting designer Narek Tumanyan, choirmaster Anna Sorokina. Music director and conductor is Honoured Artist of Russia Anatoliy Chepurnoy.

According to the idea of the director, the performance is not quite authentic, but it is based upon historical facts. The decoration of the stage is ascetic, without a sharp scenery change; the sets alternate gradually. But at the same time every detail or symbol is filled with meaning, spectators get it on an intuitive level, understanding the mood of the characters or their attitude in one scene or another.

Scenography is supplemented by a large number of lighting alternations and point-directed backlights. In the first minutes of the show, the audience is immersed in the world of mysticism and the different acts of nature that will be underlined by the effects in the sky - the change of day and night, a storm or a solar eclipse.

“Our show is full of symbolism, and viewers decide what is in front of them. In our performance, each item of the stage functions in its own way, depending on how an artist interacts with it”, says theatre designer Irina Sid. “As soon as the curtain opens, the audience sees space filled with mysticism, and the narration of a legend begins. Spectators are inside of a story during the entire performance, experiencing the feelings a character experiences while finding himself in different situations”.

The images of the opera’s main characters are thoroughly revealed. The moment a character appears on the stage, the space itself also changes - it acquires peculiarities of this very character.

“Il Trovatore” is a drama of sharp contrasts and strong feelings. It’s about revenge and love passion, there are quite unexpected twists and turns in it. The tragic fate of the opera characters, the colourful images of Gypsies, monks, soldiers and a count’s attendants, depicted by Verdi by means of memorable choirs, it creates the diversity of the opera and invigorates the action. The plot of "Il Trovatore" is complicated and not everyone succeeds to retell it accurately, without losing the track.

“I wanted to tell the story the way the audience wouldn’t understand who is the central figure here until the end”, said production director Mariya Tikhonova. There are relations between Azucena, Manrico, Count di Luna and Leonora - it’s impossible to single out one of them. That’s how the performance is constructed - each scene is dedicated to different characters. And there are questions left in the end of the opera. Do they all die? Or will someone suffer for the rest of his life? Everything is ambiguous”.

The theatre's partner in the opera “Il Trovatore” production is the fund "SUEK - REGIONS".