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“Il Trovatore” styled on the “Game of Thrones”


On November 25 and 26, the première of one of the most exciting works in the world classics, full of fatal secrets and love passions - Giuseppe Verdi's opera “Il Trovatore” takes place in our theatre. Contemporaries of the composer called “Il Trovatore” “musical miracle” along with “Rigoletto” and “La Traviata”.

The plot of Verdi's opera was borrowed from the play by Antonio García Gutiérrez, one of the most talented Spanish playwrights of the 19th century. The composer was so captivated by the story that he wrote the opera in a record short time - 29 days.

“Il Trovatore” is a colourful and emotional work. Irreconcilable differences, clashes of two opposing sides and deep and incredibly beautiful feelings of heroes are vividly depicted in the performance. The opera gained fame, recognition and love of the audience due to its rich musical palette. These melodies full of passion, anger, hot melancholy, and sometimes tender, sublime lyrics, have won the immense popularity.

Emotional heat and the complexity of the main characters’ performance forced many theatres of the world to refuse to stage the opera. Only a few world-wide known singers really coped with the performance difficulties, among them are: Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Maria Callas, Enrico Caruso, Renata Tebaldi, Anna Netrebko. Nonetheless, “Il Trovatore” has been on the posters of leading musical theatres of the world for more than 150 years. And now “Il Trovatore” will become a real gem of the repertoire of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

A team of young creators has worked upon the performance - the production director Maria Tikhonova and the production designer Irina Sidorenko (known by their staging the opera “Medea” and the mystical show “Rusalka”), as well as the lighting designer, the nominee of the Russian national theatre prize “Golden Mask” Narek Tumanyan (in our theatre he worked on the opera “Viva La Mamma”).

“This won’t be a usual “dusty wigs” performance. Our opera performance is styled on historical fantasy and resembles the atmosphere of the TV series “Game of Thrones”. The performance isn’t entirely authentic, but it’s made taking into account historical facts. We’ll talk about the genocide against the Roma, about chivalry, the relations between Christians and Pagans, and about the crusades”, says director Maria Tikhonova. - There are several reasons there, why a person who has never been to an opera should go to such a performance: it is full of events, it’s one of the most beautiful operas in the world, and the story is so tangled and enthralling that it is incredibly interesting to watch what is happening on the stage”.

During the performance the audience will dive into the atmosphere of the natural elements. The story is set on a rocky terrain resembling the mouth of a volcano that will start erupting at the end of the play. And the intensity of the characters’ emotions will be emphasized by the video projections of the sky in different states - the change of day and night, the sky during a storm or a solar eclipse.

The opera soloists of the theatre are engaged in the performance: Svetlana Ratslaf-Levchuk, Ksenia Khovanova, Daria Ryabinko, Inna Spodina, Alexander Murashov, Andrei Silenko, Alexei Bocharov, Eugene Sevastianov, Ilya Krivchikov, Dmitri Ryabtsev, and the soloist of the Buryat Opera and Ballet Theatre Mikhail Pirogov.

“For me, “Il Trovatore” is the top of skills, a real tour de force of the opera art and, to my mind, the most beautiful opera in the world. It's interesting to untangle such a complicated plot”, says Maria Tikhonova. - “Il Trovatore” is a challenge for any director. For me, this is a new frontier and a new interpretation of my profession”.