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Onegin, a good pal of mine... The old version performance for the last time!


On October 21, the usual version of the Pyotr Tchaikovsky's opera "Eugene Onegin" will be performed for the last time - the one that has been shown in our theatre since 2009. At the 9th international festival "Stars Parade in the Opera” in February, the audience will see the first performance of "Onegin" staged by the chief director of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Neeme Kuningas.

“During the performance on the stage there will be nothing superfluous, only the most necessary things. I want to focus not on scenery but on the main characters and their relationship”, Neeme Kuningas says about the upcoming première, “Visually this performance will be modern, but without any “extremal details”. For me, as for the director, the main thing is that the audience left behind those images known from the school programme. I want the opera characters to be perceived as contemporaries, as people of the modern times. That the spectators could recognize themselves through these images, so that they could understand them”.

Throughout the history of our theatre, this will be the fourth staging of “Eugene Onegin”. The first one took place in the very first theatre’s season in 1978, the second one - in 1988, and the third one - in 2009.

The last version of the opera was held under the motto “Back to Pushkin". This is a traditional performance, where a “living” story, contemporary and exciting, is preserved, giving an opportunity to reflect on the age-old questions “Why do we love those who we love?” and “Is love a punishment or a reward?”

The opera “Eugene Onegin” is one of the best works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. In this masterpiece of Russian classics, Pushkin's poetry is harmoniously merged with beautiful heart-warming and simultaneously dramatic music.

On October 21, the main roles will be performed by Svetlana Ratslaf-Levchuk (Tatyana), Alexander Mikhalev (Onegin), Sergei Osovin (Lensky), Larisa Plotnikova (Olga), Elena Nikitina (Nanny), Anna Gichik (Larina), Eugene Sevastianov (Gremin), Dmitry Ryabtsev (Company Commander), Andrei Kolobov (Triquet), Vladislav Kuzmin (Zaretsky). The performance begins at 6p.m.