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Premiere! Musical fairy tale "Little red riding hood"

9 and 10 December Exemplary children's opera studio of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre will present the premiere of the musical fairy tale "Little red riding hood".

"Little red riding hood"As tells the artistic director Natalia Tsyupa statement, the basis for the plot of the play is taken of the popular children's film "Little Red Riding Hood" on music by Alexei Rybnikov. But on stage the story, the director Vyacheslav Tsyupoy rethought, will open in a new and sometimes quite unexpectedly - the audience will find many surprises. One of them - in this tale wolf nobody eats.

Performance is put on the well-known music by Alexei Rybnikov. But another surprise is that used in the composition and some other works of film music composer, is also very recognizable. Additional musical infusion needed to get more high-grade performance.

"Little red riding hood " - already the seventh exemplary children play in the repertoire of the opera studio of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. Many children are employed in the production, they accompany all the action. The tale also involves adults and soloists - Kirienko Nina, Natalia Plotnikova Anna Kharitonov Catherine Zubkov, Catherine Kochetova Dmitry Ryabtsev, Daniel Kosenkov, Vyacheslav Nechipurenko Ilya Krivchikov, Alexey Sokolov and German Efremov.

Sets and costumes “Little red riding hood” has produced the artist Svetlana Arkhipova, co-author of many plays Viacheslav and Natalia Tsyupa. In her work all the visual and artistic possibilities of the opera house will be used to the maximum. All the design of the performance decided by way of  Christmas tree, and his palette is predominantly light tones of winter - just in unison Christmas mood.

The premiere screenings will also take place 26, 27, 28 and 29 December, 4 and 8 January. Tickets can be purchased at the box office and on the website of the theatre.