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The orchestra players will sing at the Orchestra Night Special


The Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre continues a series of concerts dedicated to the 40th season. On November 29, we invite all music lovers to the Orchestra Night Special.

That evening spectators will hear music of different genres: popular classics, symphonic works, variety and jazz compositions. There can be a place for humour, as well - part of the concert programme is based on musicians’ jokes.

The orchestra will be conducted by our three maestros, the chief conductor of the theatre, Honoured Artist of Russia Anatoliy Chepurnoy, Honoured Artist of Russia Alexander Kosinskiy and Alexander Yudasin. This is the first time all of our conductors come on stage in one concert and passing a conductor's baton like a torch, they will replace each other behind the conductor's panel.

Besides, several orchestral ensembles of our city will take the stage. A flute ensemble and a harp quartet will perform that night. Also a children's orchestra of saxophones and percussion instruments under the direction of Alexei Kryzhanovskiy will take part in the concert - this is an unusual collective, it includes children with disabilities. Perhaps the most ambitious will be the performance of the horn players’ ensemble. They are all the pupils of our theatre’s concertmaster Andrei Slobodin, and for the first time they will gather in such a lineup making their debut on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Opera.

The audience will be involved into the action, as well.

The highlight of the event will be the change of the orchestra’s specialization - the musicians are going to sing. And the programme carries even more surprises and it traditionally is going to be bright and emotional!