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"The Parade of stars" will be continued by the opera "Aida"

The international festival "Parade of Stars at the Opera" continues! On March 4 on the stage of theatre there is one of the best works in the music history – the opera "Aida" of G. Verdi. Picturesque music, bright images and the unusual plot based on the real historical events – all this gives to the performance special sharpness.

"Aida" "Aida" is one of the first statements of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre, its premiere has taken place at May, 1979. With this performance troupe went on tour about the country. And at 2014 the new version of "Aida" directed by the famous director Andreys Zhagars (Latvia) has been submitted to public.

The plot is developed at the time of long fight of Pharaohs of ancient Egypt against Ethiopia. Action happens at Memphis and Thebes. Become the victims of cruel priests the Ethiopian princess Aida and the lover in her Radames – the military leader of Egyptians. Love rivalry is interwoven into the general ball of contradictions – the Pharaoh's daughter Amneris loves Radames too. The personal tragedy is developed on a colourful background of monumental crowd scenes, magnificent processions, dances and anthems. Ruthless forces are resisted by sincere beauty and firmness of the Aida and Radames: their love passes all tests, without receding even before death.

On March 4 the title part will be performed by the guest of the festival – the winner of the international competitions Lyubov Stuchevskaya (Great Britain). "I see the Aida as thought of it at the beginning of creation of this opera, – Lyubov Stuchevskaya says. – For me the Aida this mirror display Amneris, she is a daughter of the father, she is Black woman, she has rather powerful temperament and she is a queen. And as a result, she between love and a debt chooses the debt, a debt of the ruler, daughter of the tsar and in the future mother of the people. Character of my heroine strong, she is as artful as Amneris, and it is unconditional, is jealous. For me this party rather drama, than lyrical, in the Aida is all most interesting lines of drama character".

In Radames's party the soloist of the Buryat opera and ballet theatre honored artist of the Republic of Buryatia Bairzhab Dambiyev will step on the stage, Amneris will perform the soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre people’s actress of Russia Irina Dolzhenko, Amonastro is the people's artist of Russia Vladimir Yefimov, as the Tsar of Egypt Nikolay Pronin, Ramfis – Ilya Krivchikov, the Priestess – Anna Kiselyova, the Messenger – Andrey Kolobov debuts.

Dmitry Yurovsky (Belgium), the musical director and the chief conductor of the Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre, the chief conductor of the Royal Flemish opera in Antwerp and Ghent, the chief conductor of symphonic orchestra of Moscow "The Russian philharmonic hall" will operate orchestra this evening.

"I have a special relation to the opera "Aida" because working in Italy, I managed to absorb already left Italian tradition of performance. And my interpretation, undoubtedly, is based on traditions of the Italian opera theater of other time, not today's, – Dmitry Yurovsky says. – But it doesn't mean that the version will be old-fashioned. It seems to me that in all that we do in art, it is necessary today to support yesterday, otherwise won't be tomorrow. Besides, "Aida" one of those performances which exists in two measurements: on the stage and in an orchestra pit. I want to emphasize that the performance which is played in a hole isn't less important, than a performance on the stage. In Verdi's "Aida" came to the level of leitmotifs where each character has the instrument, the motive and the atmosphere. And Verdi fantastically mixes all this and develops in an orchestra pit".