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Театр оперы и балетаOn December 20, 1978 in cultural life of the city on Yenisei there was an important event — the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre opened the first season. To this considerable event in life of the city and territory was preceded huge preparatory work. Practically for all previous year the collective and the art management of theatre worked on the repertoire of the first creative season. On December 20, 1978 the premiere of the opera of A.P. Borodin "Prince Igor" took place. This performance became a peculiar business card of our theatre. On December 21, 1978 P. I. Tchaikovsky's ballet "The swan lake", on December 22, 1978 — J. Rossini's opera "The Seville barber", on December 23, 1978 — premieres of two one-act ballets "Carmen suite" of Zh. Bizet - R. Shchedrina and "The young lady and the hooligan" of D. Shostakovich, on December 24, 1978 — the opera was shown to P. I. Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin", on December 26, 1978 — the ballet And. Adan "Giselle". In 1979 the repertoire of theatre steadily was replenished with remarkable performances: operas "Hurricane" of V.A. Grokhovsky, J. Verdi's "Aida", P. I. Tchaikovsky's "Iolanthe", ballets "Chopiniana" and "Pakhita" of L. Minkus, and also staged the children's performance "Tale of a Priest and His Worker Balda" of M. I. Chulaki. In a season of 1978-1979 eleven premieres took place.

In repertoire of theatre practically all classics opera and ballet. Pride of the theatre are not only performances which already passed test time, are loved by public and statements of the last years are estimated by criticism, but also: operas "Madame Butterfly", "Snow Maiden", "Eugene Onegin", "Queen of spades", ballets "Spartak", "Koppeliya, or “The Girl with Enamel Eyes", "Infanta and Clown", new version of the ballet "Nutcracker", "Anyuta", "Vain Precaution".

At our theatre during the different periods of his creative life true masters of scene worked, artists in the highest sense of this word were people. These are production directors M. Vysotsky; People's artist of Russia, winner of the State award of Russia professor R. Tikhomirov; honored artist of Russia G. Pankov; honored worker of arts of Kazakhstan B. Ryabikin; People's artist of Russia, winner of the State award L. Heyfits; winner of the State award and award of Lenin Komsomol of Belarus V. Tsyupa; E. Buzin. Conductors — I. Shavruk, V. Kovalenko, N. Silvestrov, I. Latsanich. Artists — the honored worker of arts of Russia N. Kotov; honored worker of arts of Russia, winner of the State award USSR T. Bruni; G. Arutyunov; V. Arkhipov; corresponding member of RAH D. Cherbadzhi, M. Smirnov-Nesvitskaya. Choreographers — the winner of the state award of Uzbekistan N. Markaryants; V. Burtsev; V. Fedyanin; A. Gorsky; People's artist of Belarus, winner of the State award USSR S. Drechin; honored worker of arts of Russia A. Polubentsev; People's artist of the USSR Vladimir Vasilyev. In the Krasnoyarsk state opera also foreign musicians Y. Stanek, M. Pyetsukh, etc. worked.

Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre — one of the places which are the most visited and loved by citizens and guests of our city. Also it became the center of creative meetings of actors of the different cities of our Homeland and foreign countries. On the scene of theatre passed bright remarkable events:Festival to D. D. Shostakovich's 90 anniversary, Festival of J. Verdi, competition named after P. Slovtsov, the first All-Russian competition of ballet dancers of Galina Ulanova, Parade of stars in the opera.

The tour geography of opera and ballet troupes of our theatre is wide. Successful performances, foreign tours allowed theatre to declare themselves as about collective bright, interesting, looking for. Fans of the opera and ballet of Portugal, Spain, Norway, Yugoslavia, Belgium, France, Greece, Cyprus, the USA, Taiwan, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Italy, Great Britain could hear and see actors of our theatre. All tours of both opera, and ballet troupes were followed by invariable success at public and an appreciation.

Names of the leading soloists of the opera and ballet are widely known both in Russia, and beyond its limits. Among them the People's artist of Russia V. Yefimov, the People's artist of Russia A. Kuimov, the honored actress of Russia L. Marzoyeva, the honored actress of Russia L. Sycheva, honored artists of Russia V. Baranova, Zh. Tarayan, S. Kolyanova, A. Berezin, S. Efremova, G. Efremov, N. Sokolova, I. Klimin, the honored artist of the Republic of Tyva G. Kontsur. Works of young soloists of the opera A. Lepeshinskaya, E. Kochetova, O. Basova, A. Bocharov, E. Baldanov, and soloists of the ballet A. Ol, E. Bulgutova, M. Kuimova, I. Karnaukhov, V. Kapustin, V. Guklenkov, etc.

Names of the well-known dancers N. Chekhovskaya and V. Polushin, the magnificent opera singer D. Hvorostovsky which worked in the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre are widely known the Russian and world community.

The theatre has the public loving and capable adequately to estimate it. On our stage the whole generation which got acquainted with art of the opera and the ballet grew and fell in love with it exactly thanks to performances of the theatre. The theatre which in the first years of the existence was a certain exotic, managed to become integral part of cultural life of the territory. Today it is already difficult to imagine city life without opera and ballet theatre which became a peculiar symbol of Krasnoyarsk. The theatre is appreciated also by our constants, the devoted audience, and youth which the theatre helps to form esthetic taste, ability to appreciate the fine.