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Sergey Bobrov

Honored artist of Russia

Artistic director of the theatre

Birthday – on September 6

In 1981 graduated from the Moscow choreographic school and at once he was accepted in ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre. He danced the main and solo parts in classical and modern ballets, among which: The Compere, Rotbart ("Golden Age" and "The swan lake", choreography and staging of Yury Grigorovich), Birbanto ("Corsair"), Hans ("Giselle"), Prinze Limon ("Chipollino"), the Toreador ("Don Quixote"), Salieri, Don Huang ("Mozart and Salieri" and "Love for love", Vera Bokkadoro's choreography), Orest ("Electra"), etc.

In 1993 he graduated from choreographic faculty of the Moscow institute of choreography (the head of the course – the People's artist of the USSR Yury Grigorovich). Among early staging of the ballet master – "Electra" (1992, together with A. Mielanying, the troupe "Grigorovich-balet"), "Antigone" (1995), "The infanta and the clown" (1996, San Francisco, the International festival devoted to the 50 anniversary of the UN), numerous choreographic miniatures.
In Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre he published ballets "Tsar fish" (world premiere, 1999), "Konturdans" (2000), "Oedipus's Daughter" (2000), "The Nutcracker" (2001), "Carmen" (2002), "The swan lake" (2002), "Don Quixote" and "The sleeping beauty" (2003), "Bayadere" (2004), "Romeo and Juliette" (2005), "Giselle" (2006), "Cinderella" (2007), "The infanta and the clown" (2008), "Spring sacred" (2010), "The Hussar ballad" (2011), "Electra" (2012), "The swan lake" (new scenic edition, 2014).

Also among director's works – scenic versions of operas of M. Mussorgsky "Boris Godunov" and "Hovanshchina" (2007), performance enchanting spectacle of "Lumen Magicus" (2008), the opera "Queen of spades" of P. Tchaikovsky (2009), the opera ballet "Carmen" (2013). Author of new scenic edition of the performance B. A. Pokrovsk "Sadko" (2012). The curator of statement of the opera "Boris Godunov" in the first edition of M. Mussorgsky (2014).
He staged ballets "Electra" and "Antigone" in the Sofia National opera (2013).

The organizer and the artistic director of the All-Russian forums "Ballet XXI Century" who passes in Krasnoyarsk since 2010. At the forum devoted to Yury Nikolaevich Grigorovich's 85 anniversary in the premiere "The stone flower" danced Severyan's part (2012). Initiator of the annual international opera festival "Parade of Stars in the Opera" (Krasnoyarsk).

More than once he went on tour with the performances in many countries of Europe, in the USA, Japan, in Cyprus, on Taiwan, in the countries to Latin America.



Archived plays


1st award of Interregional competition of ballet masters and ballet dancers (1991);

The 2nd award of the International competition of Serge Lifar (Kiev, 1994);

2nd award IX International competition (Moscow, 2001);

In 2006 the ballet "Romeo and Juliette" of S. Prokofiev was submitted at the Gold Mask festival in three nominations: "The best work of the producing choreographer", "The best ballet performance", "The best leading female role in a ballet performance";

Numerous winner of the regional festival "Theatrical Spring" (Krasnoyarsk). The winner of the Theatrical Spring – 2015 festival in the nominations "The Best Work of the Ballet Master-director" (ballet "The swan lake").

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