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Anna Kiselyova

Birthday – on August 1

She was born in Blagoveshchensk. She graduated from vocal office of the Krasnoyarsk school of arts on N. A. Kostyukova's (1993) class, then – the Krasnoyarsk academy of music and theatre (class of the honored actress of Russia Lyudmila Popova). In 2013 she ended solo postgraduate study of the Astrakhan state conservatory on class of professor V. M. Usoltceva.

Since 1999 – the soloist of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre. She debuted on the scene of theatre in the premiere of the opera "Imperial Bride" of N. Rimsky-Korsakov in party Lyubasha.

Conducts vigorous concert activity. In the Krasnoyarsk regional philharmonic hall she gave solo concerts "Under the moon gold", "The Russian romance. The French chanson", "With the first snow …" accompanied by City brass band, "Ancient arias and P. I. Tchaikovsky and S. V. Rachmaninov's romances" accompanied by the organist Andrey Bardin, "A song of our Victory" accompanied by ensemble "Maestro", "Songs of Krasnoyarsk Composers". Joint concerts with the tenor Nikolay Yerokhin went over with great success (Moscow) of "The road of love", whether "You remember?.", "Under bewitching caress..." accompanied by the Krasnoyarsk Russian philharmonic orchestra of A.Yu. Bardin (conductor Valery Shelepov).

She participated in concerts in the northern cities of territory as a part of delegation of the governor A. G. Khloponin devoted to entry into structure of the Krasnoyarsk territoryof Taimyr and Evenki autonomous areas. She went on tour in Norilsk with Virtuosos of the Krasnoyarsk ensemble. "Figaro's Wedding" to Kemerovo performed Cherubino's part in Mozart's opera (conductor Lin Tao).

In 2005, 2009 participated in concerts of masters of the arts "A cover over Yenisei" orthodox mission for waters of Yenisei, within the spiritual and educational and pilgrim project "Slavic Ark — the XXI Century". Special guest of the IV Interregional festival "Astafyevsky Spring — 2010".

She passed master classes at famous world opera singers Fedora Barbieri (Italy), Gundula Yanovits (Poland), Aleksandrina Milcheva (Bulgaria), Mariana Nikolesko (the chairman of jury of competition of Hariclea Darclee, Romania), the conductor Dragomir Nenov (Bulgaria), etc. In 2006 I became the scholar of Fund of Irina Arkhipova, she trained in the class of the People's artist of the USSR Vladislav Pyavko (Moscow). She sang in concerts of Fund of Irina Arkhipova at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In November, 2008 she took part in the project "Ball "The Russian shine" in Moscow where sang with an orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre (the conductor – the People's artist of Russia V. Andropov).
The participant of the first creative laboratory of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre "Siberian solo" under the leadership of the honored actress of Russia Irina Dolzhenko (2014).

Member of the Union of theatre figures of Russia (2005).

The personal page of the actress – http://annakisseleva.ru/

The performed parts:

Lyubasha – "The imperial bride" of N. Rimsky-Korsakov

Aemilia – J. Verdi's "Othello"
Cherubino – "Figaro's Wedding" of W. Mozart
The imp – "Ai da Balda" of B. Kravchenko

Fox Alice – "Buratino's Adventures" of N. Rybnikov

Joan of Arc – "Joan of Arc on a fire" A. Honegger
Prickle – "Cinderella" A. Spadavekkia

Klara – "A betrothal in the monastery" S. Prokofieva

Carmen – Zh. Bizet's "Carmen"

Lisa – "Queen of spades" of P. Tchaikovsky

The teacher Lisa – "Why to foxes hare ears" N. Peskova

Kupava – N. Rimsky-Korsakov's "Snow Maiden"
The nurse – "The hussar ballad" of T. Hrennikov

Tatyana – "Eugene Onegin" of P. I. Tchaikovsky in the Sofia national opera (Bulgaria) at The Opera in Park festival



Archived plays

Ближайшие спектакли

25 September

3 November


The winner of the award of the mayor year of Krasnoyarsk "Young talents" for participation in the performance "Cat's House" of the director L.V. Kiselyova (1999);

The winner of review competition "Results of the theatre season of the Krasnoyarsk territory" for an impersonation of Joan D'arc in the oratorio "Zhanna D'ARC on fire" A. Honegger (Krasnoyarsk, 2002);

The student of the International competition of opera singers of Hariclea Darclee (Romania, 2003);

The winner of the special award of jury of the International competition of opera singers of Hariclea Darclee (Romania, 2005);

Winner of the All-Russian reader's award "Popularity" of the newspaper “Izvestiya” (2005);

The letter of thanks from Management of culture of administration of the Krasnoyarsk territory "For personal contribution to development of vocal art of the Krasnoyarsk territory" (2005);

The winner of the award "Exelenta" of the International competition of opera singers of Hariclea Darclee (Romania, 2010);

Winner of the I award of the XVI International musical festival "Hopes. Talents. Masters" (Bulgaria, 2011);

The winner of the III International competition of opera singers "Rozata on Evterp in Karlovo" (Bulgaria, 2012);

The letter of thanks from Head of the department of culture of administration of Krasnoyarsk "For the professional significant contribution to development of vocal art of Krasnoyarsk" (2011);

The letter of thanks from Legislative assembly of the Krasnoyarsk territory "For high professionalism and big contribution to development of theatre in the region" (2014);

The letter of thanks from the Minister of culture of the Krasnoyarsk territory "For professional skill and personal contribution to cultural development in the Krasnoyarsk territory" (2014).