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Farewell to Ekaterina Iofel

On January 10 on the 94th year of life the honored worker of arts of Russia, professor Ekaterina Konstantinovna Iofel has died.

Ekaterina Konstantinovna Iofel was born on October 12, 1923 in Krasnoyarsk. In youth she performed leading parties of mezzo-soprano in opera theatres of the country, several years managed department of solo singing and opera preparation in Gorky conservatory. Then created and within 20 years (1978-1998) headed the department of solo singing and opera preparation at the Krasnoyarsk state institute of arts where trained more than 100 artists.

Thanks to improbable persistence and unique talent of teacher Ekaterina Konstantinovna managed to bring up the whole group of outstanding singers, winners of the international and All-Russian competitions. Among her pupils – people's artists of Russia Dmitry Hvorostovsky and Nikolay Putilin, the people's artist of Chuvashia Pyotr Zalomnov, 15 honored artists of the Russian Federation.

Ekaterina Konstantinovna held master classes abroad. She made what any teacher dreams of – created the school. At the international, all-Union, All-Russian competitions not only her pupils, but already and pupils of her pupils win. Her many graduates work at the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre and other theatres of the country.

Except music Ekaterina Iofel had also other interest – philology, she graduated from faculty of Russian and literature of the Krasnoyarsk teacher training institute. Forcing future singers to pay attention to contents of the work, she opened for them the new world.

Ekaterina Konstantinovna Iofel's merits are noted by high state and departmental awards – medal of the award "For Merits before the Fatherland" of the 2nd degree, medal of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, etc. Ekaterina Konstantinovna has a set of thanks of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Since 2003 she was the Honourable citizen of Krasnoyarsk territory, and in 2006 was awarded  gold medal, the diploma and rank of the winner of Fund of Irina Arkhipova for outstanding achievements in the field of preparation and education of young vocalists.

The Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre expresses condolences to relatives and Ekaterina Konstantinovna's family. Farewell to her will take place on January 13 from 10 to 12 o'clock in the Big academic hall of the Krasnoyarsk institute of arts. Address: Lenin St., 22.