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"Hour of the autograph" with Anna Gichik and Olga Monastyrshina

Arias from operas "Princes Igor" of Borodin, "Carmen" of Bizet, Rimsky-Korsakov's "Snow Maiden", Tchaikovsky's romances – many other works will be heard at the program of the recital "Hour of the autograph" with Anna Gichik on April 16.

I consider "Hour of the autograph" as an opportunity to invite to the concert all admirers of classics, my relatives, the family and friends, – Anna Gichik says. – It is my solo concert, so the next peculiar report before all who know my creativity. I have made the program of the most favourite works which reflect my attitude, mood and temperament. And the leader Natalya Nikolaevna Ageeva has approved my choice. Of course, Konchakovna's cavatina, the Habanera will sound... There will be also performances which became for me an important milestone in creative formation, for example, the third song Lelya from the opera "Snow Maiden" - it is one of the first opera works performed by me. At the beginning of solo career I worked in a genre of the musical and operetta therefore I have included in the program also Elisa's song from Frederik Lowe's musical "My fair lady". Very much I hope that listeners will want to discuss after the concert with me the remembered numbers".

And one day earlier, on April 15, the program will be submitted by one more soloist Olga Monastyrshina. "I am grateful to this project for possibility of personal meeting with public. The format of theatre drawing room – very unusual and important experience for creative growth: the viewer so unusually close, the actor needs to be the most sincere and clear. I have chosen the very different repertoire – from the Russian national song to classical arias, from romances to popular numbers from operettas. It seems to me that all these works are united by tenderness, naivety, humour and other qualities which are inherent in my artistic role and type of voice, – the singer says. – I think that the public with interest will apprehend each work, some of them are executed rather seldom, and for me, to some extent, my professional dreams – to execute fragments from favourite performances, to try on on themselves so favourite images will come true and, further, it is possible, to sing these parts completely on the big stage".

Beginning of work of the Theatre drawing room "Hour of the autograph" at 16.00.