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To Yury Grigorovich's 90 anniversary is devoted

He is adored by admirers and scold ill-wishers. His performances – standard of true art. He headed the ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre for thirty years, and this period was called "Golden Age". All this about the famous choreographer Yury Grigorovich whose 90 anniversary celebrates all ballet world this year.

On April 12 and 13 on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre the legendary performance directed by Yury Nikolaevich – the ballet "Stone Flower" based on the Ural narrations of Pyotr Bazhov, one of sign ballets of the XX century which has defined an esthetics of ballet theatre not only Russia, but all world ballet.

The brilliant career of Grigorovich has begun with this ballet. In its choreography the maestro was succeeded to develop elements of national dancing lexicon before the bright scenic action which is organically fitting into the general dramaturgic outline of the classical ballet. The movements of dancers have got modern sounding and bright figurativeness of plasticity special, not seen before.

On the Krasnoyarsk stage of the premiere of the ballet "Stone Flower"  has taken place at October, 2012 within the II All-Russian forum "Ballet 21st Century" devoted to Yury Grigorovich's 85 anniversary.

For our statement Yury Nikolaevich has processed own version once again, having reduced the ballet from four acts to two. According to experts on creativity of Grigorovich, the statements he managed "to take" the viewer for live transfer of thoughts and feelings of heroes in dance. And the Krasnoyarsk production of "Stone flower" – a striking example of choreographic finds of the great ballet master.

Display of the ballet is on April 12 and 13 a peculiar tribute to the master and his creativity. These days soloists of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre will step on the stage. The part of Danila will be performed Georgy Bolsunovsky (12.04) and Ivan Karnaukhov (13.04), Hostesses of the Copper mountain – the honored actress of Russia Maria Kuimova Litvinenko (12.04) and Olesya Aldonina (13.04), Katerina's party will act – Anastasia Nigmatullina (12.04) and Elena Lapina (13.04), the lordly salesman Severyan – Kirill Litvinenko (12.04) and Demid Zykov (13.04).

Beginning of performances at 19.00.