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"Parade of stars at the Opera": "Prince Igor"

On March 29 we present the legendary opera of Alexander Borodin "Prince Igor" – history of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre has begun with it, the premiere of this performance has opened the first creative season.

The opera "Prince Igor" has difficult destiny. Borodin worked on it 18 years. Several times he postponed work, then again came back to it. To like spirit of old times, he visited Putivl's vicinities, in detail studied the historical sources presented by chronicles, ancient stories and researches about Cumans. At monasteries and storages Borodin plunged into the mysterious world of the ancient manuscripts storing tunes of ancient epic. However the maestro hasn't managed to finish this opera. After his death the composer Alexander Glazunov has finished work of the teacher.

"Prince Igor" – the musical embodiment of the historical events described in Old Russian literary monument "Tale of Igor's Campaign". It is the performance about unrestrained thirst of life and love, impetuous daring and a debt filled with tremendous hit arias, large-scale choral scenes and ballet numbers, surprising on the beauty. All this in bright paints opens one of homepages of our history before public. "Scenery and suits differed in the extraordinary brightness and richness of registration. Seigniorial fur coats and caps have been executed in velvet and decorated with natural fur. Military furniture looked is especially realistic, thanks to a set of the thin metal plates sewn to fabric. In total in total more than 400 suits have been involved at the opera", – theatre critics so wrote about the Krasnoyarsk production.

Alexander Borodin's opera will be shown within the VIII International festival "Parade of Stars at the Opera" devoted to the people’s actress of the USSR Elena Obraztsova. At the main parties will step on the stage the soloist of the Moscow theatre "New Opera" Irina Moreva (Yaroslavna) and the soloist of the Maryinsky Theatre people's artist of Bashkortostan Askar Abdrazakov (Konchak). Soloists of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre Alexey Bocharov (Prince Igor), Anna Gichik (Konchakovna), Ilya Krivchikov (Galitsky), Sergey Osovin (Vladimir) will become their partners at the performance. Behind the conductor's stand – the honored artist of Russia Anatoly Chepurnoy.

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