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"Parade of stars at the Opera": "Queen of spades"

And again on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre guests of the VIII International festival "Parade of Stars at the Opera". On February 18 one of the most mystical works in world musical theatre – Pyotr Tchaikovsky's opera "Queen of spades" will be provided to public.

"Queen of spades"The story of the same name of A. S. Pushkin formed a basis for it. This fascinating and tragic love story of the innocent girl and the passionate officer who fell a victim of card passion. The work is considered top of opera dramatic art of Tchaikovsky, on depth and force of experiences of the main characters, to intensity of emotions and irresistible power of drama impact to it isn't present equal in works of the composer.

The main parts in a performance will be performed by soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre people's artists of Russia Irina Dolzhenko (Countess) and Oleg Kulko (Herman), the soloist of the Samara opera and ballet theater Irina Krikunova (Lisa). Actors of the Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre people's artist of Russia Vladimir Yefimov (count Tomsky), the honored artist of Russia Oleg Alekseev (prince Eletsky), Olga Basova (Polina), Evgeny Baldanov (Chekalinsky), Dmitry Ryabtsev (Surin), Boris Sabirov (Chaplitsky), Ilya Krivchikov (Narumov), Ekaterina Zubkova (Masha) will become their partners on the scene.

At the conductor's stand – Alexander Anisimov, the people's artist of Republic of Belarus, the chief conductor of National symphonic orchestra of Belarus, the artistic director and the chief conductor of the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

"Queen of spades" is the grandiose action surprising with dynamics, rare for the opera, and staginess. The performance lasting more than three hours takes! Scenery in a performance struck all. The art director Dmitry Cherbadzhi created a surprising image of St. Petersburg with recognizable bridges and a panorama of St. Petersburg. The dominating image – the river and bridges. Even the orchestra pit was covered with black fabric with the purpose to strengthen feeling of bottomlessness of black Neva’s waters. The city as if is included into the auditorium …" – musical critics so write about the Krasnoyarsk production.

The author of the Krasnoyarsk scenic version of "Queen of spades" Sergey Bobrov is convinced: the plot of the great Russian opera is urgent and today! The same vain fight of the strong, vigorous, gifted person against destruction of the personality to which both society, and circumstances of life doom him. The same concealed offenses of youth and hatred to the caste rejecting it. The same passionate desire to break class "barriers", to rotate Fortuna's wheel and to rush into a desired circle of "gilded youth" at any cost – at the price of loss of love, happiness, honor and the life! Through all performance a keynote there passes the image of "gray overcoats" – that the deprived individual traits, uniform "gray weight" from which to escape – a main goal of the hero. Arise in Herman's image and Napoleonic hints.

Beginning of the performance at 18:00.