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Theatre drawing room "Hour of the autograph"

The Krasnoyarsk opera and ballet theatre presents the new project – the Theatre drawing room "Hour of the autograph". The drawing room will be open for fans and experts of theatre, and also for those who only begin the acquaintance to theater.

"Hour of the autograph"During March the public is waited by meetings with well-loved by opera soloists, in their execution both the known, and rare pieces of music will be heard. In a chamber situation the audience will be able to communicate to actors, to recognize them from absolutely other party, to get the autograph.

"The theatre drawing room" will open a concert of the people's actress of Russia Larisa Marzoyeva  on March 4. The destiny of the singer is inseparably linked with history of our theatre from its opening – exactly she was invited here after the graduation  the Leningrad conservatory . Rosina in J. Rossini's opera "The Seville barber" became Larisa Marzoyeva's debut on the Krasnoyarsk stage. Mobility and flexibility of voice, expressiveness and saturation of  timbre, virtuosity and scenic endurance allowed the singer to become at once one of the leading soloists of the theatre. "I preferred the theatre only beginning the way, where all from scratch where it isn't necessary to wait for years for a queue for receipt of a role where your success depends only on diligence and talent, – Larisa Vladimirovna says in one of interview. – In the Krasnoyarsk theatre I was born as a singer". And here for many years Larisa Marzoyeva shines on the Krasnoyarsk stage, and since fall of 2016 she is the artistic director of opera troupe of the theatre.

"The theatre drawing room" will be open for public every week on Saturday and Sunday. On March 5 "Hour of the autograph" with Roman Hobta, on March 11 with Inna Spodina, on March 12 with Svetlana Cheremnova, on March 18 with Evgeny Baldanov, on March 25 with Anna Kharitonova and on March 26 with Olga Ushakova will take place.

Beginning of musical recitals at 16:00.