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Premiere of the opera "Medea"

One of the best creations of Luigi Cherubini the opera "Medea" – on the scene of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre on the 5th  and 6th of November. The production director of the performance is the young and ambitious director from Moscow – Maria Tikhonova. The Krasnoyarsk theatre will become the second in Russia in which repertoire there will be this performance.

"Medea"On the plot based on the Ancient Greek myths, the Colchis magician Medea fell in love with Yason, helped to get to him the Golden Fleece and became his wife. Passed years, Yason decided to leave Medea and to marry Glauce, the daughter of the tsar of Corinth. The magician blinded by mental anguish decides to revenge the beloved, but the death of the competitor hasn't enough. Hatred pushes Medea on the terrible evil – murder of her own children.

My Medea, first of all, is a woman. In the performance I suggest the viewer most to solve who is she a criminal or the victim of fatal circumstances, – Maria Tikhonova speaks. – For this reason the final remains open: let everyone solve, Medea died or not – to me it is very important that the viewer thought, joined in process".

Though the statement plot is also based on the Greek myths, the public won't see on the scene authentic Greece. All scenery are graphic, also remind the designer "Lego", and thanks to light projections, the viewer will see the game of shadows.

To strengthen dramatic nature and staginess in the performance three short films – the veiled Medea's visions will be used: her past, future and present. On the idea of the production director this video will become a peculiar quest which the public will have to pass step by step. "In the third act our video will recover, – M. Tikhonova tells. – Medea's visions about thirst of revenge will smoothly pass to the scene and will merge with the main action. On the scene there will be eriniyas, they are not simply goddesses of revenge, but paranoia,  generalized character and therefore they gradually will start being multiplied and amplify. All this will be solved through choreography which is staged by Dmitry Antipov".

As musical critics write "Medea" for Russia is exotic. Though this work is also considered one of the brightest in the world opera repertoire, however, not each theatre can stage this performance. "The infrequent appeal to this opera is connected with that "Medea" is difficult not only dramatic, but also vocal – not any singer will cope with such material, – M. Tikhonova speaks. – In Krasnoyarsk strong vocalists, I hope that for them it will become interesting experiment and check of the opportunities".

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