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The ballet "La Bayadere" and the opera "Daughter of the regiment" are again on the Krasnoyarsk stage!

At the end of the 39th creative season, the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre will present two updated performances - after a long break on the stage, two stories of ardent love return - the ballet "La Bayadere" and the opera «Daughter of the regiment».

On 16, 17 and 18 June the audience will see the ballet «La Bayadère» by Ludwig Minkus. Like "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty", this production refers to the classical heritage of Russian choreography. The ballet «La Bayadère» was on the first day of January 23, 1877. The Kalmese Shakuntala and the ballad of J. Goethe "God and the Bayadere". On the basis of these immortal creations, the choreographer of the Russian Imperial troupe Marius Petipa and the playwright Sergei Khudekov managed to create a beautiful story about unhappy love that became one of the most famous at the Russian ballet. And the court composer Ludwig Minkus voiced her charming music, which, through her emotionality, emphasized theatricality, contributed to the creation of the spectacular performance.

"La Bayadere" became a "bridge" between the epochs of romanticism and classicism at the ballet. It is no coincidence that India has chosen a place of action, a distant and exotic country, popular at romantic works. The characters of the ballet are the brahmins, fakirs, dancers (bayaders) living at the temple.

"La Bayadere" is a beautiful story about the love of the Indian temple dancer Nikola and the noble warrior Solor, a story of loyalty and betrayal, enveloped in the Indian motives. The performance always asks a complex question to the viewer - what to choose, listen to the call of the heart or the voice of reason to please the earthly laws and strict rules?

This ballet is beautiful with its massive scenes that convey all the charm and luxury of the East. Spectators are fascinated not only by the magnificent spectacular dances, but also by the abundance of bright decorations and costumes. And the culmination of the play, the scene of the realm of shadows, is considered the most exciting moment of the production and has long been included in the annals of the world ballet as one of the most memorable and impressive mass choreographic pictures. It is not for nothing that this fragment is often presented separately without decorations, and the impression does not diminish.

On June 29 and 30 the audience will see the comic opera "Daughter of the regiment" by Gaetano Donizetti. This is a romantic story about the love of the girl Maria, who grew up among the soldiers of the Grenadier regiment, and the young Swiss Tonio.

This work is filled with sparkling humor, bravura melodies, brilliant arias and duets. If you have never been to the opera house, then it is best to begin acquaintance with the vocal art from this performance. You will see that a real classical opera can be light, fun and similar to vaudeville.

The premiere of "Daughter of the Regiment" was held on February 11, 1840 in the Paris Theater of the Comic Opera with great success. Until the end of the season the opera was 44 times. Renewed in the same theatre in 1848, she for half century withstood about 1000 performances and did not leave the stage for almost a hundred years, and was usually on holiday on July 14, dedicated to the capture of the Bastille. Only the fall of Paris at 1940 and the fascist occupation put an end to its French triumphs.

"Daughter of the regiment" - one of the most popular operas of the Gaetano Donizetti and successfully passed almost all the scenes of the world. A successful production was also for our theatre "Golden Mask" (1998-1999 season). And the performer of the role of Mari Svetlana Kolyanova received the "Mask" for the best female role.