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To the anniversary of Marius Petipa

The following year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great choreographer Marius Petipa. And in honor of this coming anniversary, only on October 2 at 7 pm we will show his edition of the ballet "Swan Lake" staged by Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Bobrov - this version of the play was staged at our theatre until 2014.

"Swan Lake" is the standard of classical art, one of the most famous works in the world. For more than 100 years, the music and choreography of this production have been recognized as masterpieces, and the white swan is a symbol of Russian ballet.

Petipa created his version of the ballet together with his talented pupil Lev Ivanov in memory of the untimely departed Tchaikovsky. The choreographers essentially revised the libretto and changed the order of the numbers. Very few people know, but it was this version of the ballet that gave the world the dance of small swans - enchanted girls with arms crossed and a special inclination of the head dancing the four and the elusively attractive charm of the lake of swans. Later it was Petipa-Ivanova's edition that became the classical basis for all subsequent interpretations of Swan Lake.

This evening, with the help of video projections, we will realize the ideas of the design of the play, which Marius Petipa once conceived: we will recreate a picture against which once there was a play - a lake with a medieval castle. And also we will introduce a bit of modernity - we revitalize the characters of the ballet - the vulture circling in the sky and the swan fleet that flew into the sky.

Originality and luxury "Swan Lake" will give more than 200 unusual suits of silk, velvet and lace, decorated with real bird feathers and rhinestones. In them intertwined vintage and ultramodern styles with historical motifs.