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"Sound Landscapes" by Pyotr Aidu on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Opera theatre

On November 3, the Moscow theatre "School of Dramatic Art" will present an acoustic performance "Sound Landscapes" on the stage of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. The show will be held within the framework of the parallel program of the XI Krasnoyarsk Book Fair that will be held at Krasnoyarsk from 2 to 6 of November. The organizer of the event is the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation in partnership with the Government of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the administration of Krasnoyarsk.

The author of the performance Pyotr Aidu defines his work as "sound recording" or "acoustic theatre". A lot of noise devices, musical instruments and various sound objects will create "sound pictures" of an unusual symphony-mystery in 4 parts.

The production received the Golden Mask award in the nomination Best Performance-Experiment (2016).

"Sound landscapes" will be performed on devices designed for noise design at the theatre, cinema. Their live sound was widely used up to the gramophone, magnetic and other types of recording. After that, they were completely forgotten - as a uselessness these tools either remained single copies at theatre museums, or completely disappeared.

At 2012, the Pyotr Aydu Music Laboratory, within the framework of the exposition project ReConstruction of the Noise (with the support of the Polytechnic Museum), reconstructed a significant part of the devices, others were specially created for this project. The original instruments always stayed behind the scenes. In "Sound Landscapes" on the contrary, they serve not as props or auxiliary equipment, but as musical instruments capable of creating original sound pictures.

For all the abstractness of the arising noise, individual sounds and "chords" turn into well-recognized twitter of birds, the sound of the sea or the sound of the train going. "Pyotr Aidu and his team, turning to ancient technologies, in fact create a new type of theatre, where the sounds do not serve as an additional illustration to the text and the visual series, but appeal directly to the imaginative memory of the viewer, who creates his own performance in his imagination," notes online edition "Teatral-online".

Pyotr Aydu is a pianist and composer, author and participant of many cultural initiatives and projects, somehow located in the field of music and sound. Among them is the revival of Persimfans, the world's first symphony orchestra without conductor, who appeared at Moscow at 1922 and interrupted his activities at the early 1930s. Peter rescues from the destruction of rare historical grand pianos within the project "Shelter of grand pianos", teaches at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky's harpsichord and chamber ensemble.