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Svetlana Cheremnova

Birthday – on October 17

In 1998 she graduated from the Krasnoyarsk school of arts of P. I. Ivanov-Radkevich as "An actor of theatere of the musical comedy", N. P. Zharova's class. The same year she came to the Krasnoyarsk academy of music and theatre in class of associate professor V. N. Karlova.

The student of the fourth year she was invited by the soloist of the opera in troupe of the Krasnoyarsk the opera and ballet theatre. In 2003 as the thesis she performed on the scene of theatre Mimi's part in the opera "Bohemia" of J. Puccini.

The performed parts:

Mouse – A. Polsky's "Terem-teremok"
Maria – "Under the first star" V. Pleshaka
The scratch cat – "Cinderella" A. Spadavekkia
The Cinderella – "Cinderella" A. Spadavekkia
Tatyana – "Eugene Onegin" of P. Tchaikovsky
Mimi – J. Puccini's "Bohemia"

Alyonushka – "Ai da Balda!" V. Kravchenko
Anina – J. Verdi's "Traviata"

Musette – J. Puccini's "Bohemia"
Iolanthe – P. Tchaikovsky's "Iolanthe"
Michaela – Zh. Bizet's "Carmen"

Syuzanna – "Figaro's Wedding" of W. Mozart
Chio-Chio-san – "Madam Batterflay" of J. Puccini
Desdemona – J. Verdi's "Othello"

Carolina – "Secret marriage" of D. Cimarosa
Donna Anna – "Don Juan" of W. Mozart
Tserlina – "Don Juan" of W. Mozart

Yaroslavna — "Prince Igor" of A. Borodin



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