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Olesya Aldonina

Birthday – on March 21

With honors she graduated from the Perm choreographic school in 2005. She passed training in troupe of the Perm theatre "Evgeny Panfilov's Ballet". Degree number she trained with the artistic director of the Kiev modern ballet Rada Poklitara. After release she was invited in troupe of the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre.
As the  part of ballet troupe she represented theatre in Mexico, Italy, Great Britain, Slovakia, Japan, the Czech Republic.
Following the results of the competition of spectator sympathies "The favourite actor" which took place in theatre in 2012 she is recognized as the best in the nomination "Favourite Soloist of the Ballet".

The performed parts:
Juliette — "Romeo and Juliette"of  S. Prokofiev
Antigone — "Oedipus's Daughter" of M. Pekarsky
Carmen — Zh. Bizet's "Carmen"
Conchita — "Juno and Avos"of  A. Rybnikov
The bride — "Carmina Burana" of K. Orff
Zhuanita, Tsikaly — "Don Quixote" of L. Minkus
The fairy Sireni — "The sleeping beauty" of P. Tchaikovsky
Giselle — A. Adan's "Giselle"
Gran-pa, the Trio of shadows — "Bayadere" of L. Minkus
Shekhrazada — "Thousand and one night"of  F. Amirov
Aegina — A. Khachaturian's "Spartakus"
The dance teacher — "Cinderella" S. Prokofieva
Antigone — M. Pekarsky's "Antigone"
Anyuta — V. Gavrilin's "Anyuta"
The princess — "Puss in Boots" of V. Besedina
The witch doctor — the modern ballet "Spring Sacred" of I. Stravinsky
Pas de trois — L. Minkus's "Pakhita"
Polina — "The hussar ballad" of T. Hrennikov
The princess Anna — the modern ballet "Roman Vacation" of N. Gilbert and M. Wal
It, the Quartet — INSIDE / Behind a dream
The woman — "My loneliness begins two steps away from you"
The street dancer — "Don Quixote" of L. Minkus
The hostess of the Copper mountain — "A stone flower" of S. Prokofiev
Electra — R. Strauss's "Electra"
Performance "Hollywood" on music from  "Singing in the rain" — "Kalman-gala"
Clarissa — the modern ballet "451 degrees Fahrenheit"



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The winner of the regional festival "Premiereof Krasnoyarya" in the nomination "The Best Episode in Musical Performance" for execution of party of the Dance teacher at the ballet S. Prokofiev "Cinderella" (2008);
The letter of thanks of the Ministry of culture of the Krasnoyarsk territory for active participation in the organization and holding the All-Russian forum "Ballet XXI Century" devoted to the 100 anniversary since the birth of G. Ulanova (2010);
Award of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk territory for the victory in competition of the best creative specialists and talented youth in the sphere of culture and art in the nomination "For Personal Achievements of Talented Youth in the Sphere of Culture and Art" (2011);
"Crystal mask" of the regional festival "Theatre Spring — 2013" in the nomination "The Best Female Role in  Ballet Performance" for Electra's role in the ballet of the same name of R. Strauss (2013).