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Much ado about nothing

The unusual premiere will be presented by the Krasnoyarsk state opera and ballet theatre – the comic ballet "Much ado about nothing" on Tikhon Hrennikov's music based on the play of William Shakespeare of the same name. The director of the performance – the young and ambitious choreographer Dmitry Antipov.

"Much ado about nothing""Much ado about nothing" – one of the most popular works of Shakespeare. This history is four centuries, but it didn't lose the charm and to this day. Interest in it doesn't die away thanks to a witty intrigue, a fascinating event row, bright, live characters of the main characters. It is easy performance for family viewing. History about two couples – one are going to get married, and others hate each other. But the wedding of lovers is wanted to be ruined, and to steam of conflicting – to marry. Here, as in life, drama collisions and ridiculous situations, love and hatred, deception and fidelity, meanness and nobility connect.

Light, melodious music of Tikhon Hrennikov, the acquaintance according to feature and animated films, is filled with cheerfulness and with accuracy transfers mood and character of heroes.

The ballet "Much ado about nothing" is among performances which are staged extremely seldom. The premiere of the ballet took place in 1976 in the Bolshoi theatre where the performance went under the name "Love beyond love" to avoid the ambiguity and not to cause "excess" talk on the eve of the XXV congress of CPSU. The last representation in the Bolshoi theatre where this ballet surpassed in number of displays even legendary "Spartak", was given in 1994. And since then for almost semicentennial history the ballet was staged at five theatres, the last time in 1984 in Petrozavodsk musical theatre.

Now, many years, the ballet "Much ado about nothing" later will enter into repertoire of the Krasnoyarsk opera. "This performance, in fact, exclusive, – the producing choreographer Dmitry Antipov tells. – Music to the ballet was written by Tikhon Hrennikov many years ago. However the uniform version of the performance doesn't exist as each theatre had the libretto".

The leading soloists of the Krasnoyarsk theatre are involved in the performance: honored actress of Russia Maria Kuimova, Olesya Aldonina, Anna Snegina, Nadezhda Panfilova, Kirill Litvinenko, Demid Zykov, Kirill Bulychev, etc.

The premiere of the ballet will take place on April 8, 9 and 10.