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The maestro from the USA will conduct the opera "Medea"

The international festival "Parade of Stars in Opera" devoted to Galina Vishnevskaya proceeds! On February 17 the premiere 38 theatre seasons – L. Kerubini's opera "Medea" in which the great singer shone in due time will be presented to public.

"Medea""In my repertoire there were already  Aida and Butterfly stroke, Tatyana, but I wanted big tragical role as "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district" of Shostakovich or Kerubini's "Medea" …", – Galina Vishnevskaya spoke.

The opera "Medea" belongs to number of masterpieces of opera art of boundary of XVIII-XIX of centuries and is among great opera tragedies. Brahms considered "Medea" the most perfect sample of opera and drama music.

Especially for participation in this statement to Krasnoyarsk for the first time there arrived the conductor from the USA Sergey Hanukayev. "This composition is quite seldom executed, – speaks in the interview to one of editions of the maestro. – And all that is executed seldom, always causes in me interest".

The opera "Medea" is a large-scale statement in which except soloists of the opera, chorus and ballet corpses, also the Model children's opera studio of theatre is also occupied. The noticeable role in statement is played by mythology: characters who aren't present in the opera – eriniyas and Moiras. Moira spin destiny threads, decide destinies of gods and people. According to the myth – eriniya three, but on the plan of the production director of performance Maria Tikhonova, they not simply goddesses of revenge, and paranoia, generalized character and therefore gradually start being multiplied. All this will be solved through choreography which is put by the young ballet master Dmitry Antipov. To increase staginess, in the performance the video series which adds visual effects, and thanks to light projections is used, the viewer will see game of shadows.

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